Son Of San Diego Businessman Arrested In Harrowing Midday Kidnapping Attempt

Parents throughout the Greater San Diego Area are still shaken amidst chilling reports of an attempted child abduction that occurred in the community of Solana Beach in late March. While the details of the alleged crime are indeed shocking, residents from the area are also surprised at the identity of the prime suspect in the case, 22-year-old Jack Henry Doshay (pictured above).

According to San Diego 6, Doshay is the son of prominent San Diego businessman Glenn Doshay. Glenn Doshay is also a noted philanthropist and a former co-owner of the San Diego Padres. At the time of the alleged incident, Jack Doshay reportedly resided with his parents in Fairbanks Ranch, a gated community which is a short distance from Solana Beach.

NBC San Diego reports that the kidnapping attempt occurred on March 23 as the dismissal bell rang at a Solana Beach elementary school. Police and prosecutors allege that Jack Doshay walked on to the campus grounds with a roll of packing tape and grabbed a seven-year-old girl as she walked from her final class of the day to an after-school program. The suspect allegedly attempted to wrap packing tape around the girl’s head and carry her away but she struggled with him, eventually fighting him off and causing him to flee. An account offered by U-T San Diego indicates that teachers were alerted to the scene by the girl’s screams.

On Wednesday, area police obtained an arrest warrant for Jack Doshay. U-T San Diego reports that Doshay’s attorney, Paul Pfingst, coordinated his client’s ultimate arrest with law enforcement and that Doshay was taken into custody late that evening in Laguna Niguel. Pfingst later told NBC San Diego that Doshay has no criminal history and has been receiving treatment for depression.

The young victim’s father, Mike Paeske, spoke at a press conference regarding the suspect’s arrest. U-T San Diego offered excerpts from Paeske’s comments in their online report.

“This guy messed with the wrong girl and the wrong community,” said Paeske to reporters. “San Diego County families can sleep a little bit better knowing one less threat is out there on the street.”

Paeske also spoke directly to other parents at his child’s school, sending out a mass e-mail encouraging them to talk frankly to their children about what to do if they are approached by strangers. He also urged parents to teach their kids to resist any attempts to be carried away, telling them that children should “yell, scream, draw as much attention as you can … This is what saved our daughter.”

Paeske’s advice buttresses the lessons offered by a Texas teen who thwarted a kidnapping attempt earlier this week by kicking her attacker in the face.

Doshay remains in custody without bail at present, charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment with violence and child cruelty. According to San Diego 6, his arraignment is scheduled for Friday afternoon.