Texas Teen Kicks Her Alleged Kidnapper In The Face

An unnamed Texas teen is free and safe after a scary incident that reportedly happened in the area of Katy, a West Houston community that has been described as “calm” and “serene” under ordinary circumstances.

But earlier this week, at the corner of Hollyoak Drive and Chicory Drive near Interstate 10 and Barker Cypress, a man tried to abduct the 16-year-old girl from her bus stop, KPRC reports.

According to police, the man forced the girl into his car and then held her there, driving around the parking lot of Enclave Apartments and “interrogating” her for over an hour.

But this Texas teen wasn’t going down without a fight, and it was a fight the 16-year-old managed to win with a single kick.

The girl knew that she had to act when the man pulled to a stop and began quizzing her. He asked questions like, “What’s your name? How old are you? Where do you live?”

She refused to answer him and was “crying the whole time,” she told police. Then, as soon as the man looked away she brought up her foot and drilled him in the face.

That provided enough of an opening for her to escape the car and begin running. The KPRC report indicates that she had to run through two apartment complexes before finding safety.

Neighbor Mayra Chavez called the Texas teen and her act of survival “really impressive.”

“I know a lot of kids would be very scared, but for her to do that, that’s really brave.”

Another neighbor, Trudy Johnson, seconded that and added, “God bless her… Thank God she got away from him.”

Opposing Views has stated that the man remains at large and was described as a “bald black man between the ages of 45 and 50.” He drives a white Honda (2000 or 2001 model) and sported a goatee at the time of the abduction.

The Texas teen isn’t the first young person to stand up to a kidnapper. Previously the Inquisitr reported that 5-year-old Jocelyn Rojas was kidnapped from her grandmother’s front yard on the 100 block of Jennings Drive in Lancaster Township.

Her family notified police, who quickly blocked off streets and went over the area with K-9 units. Police went around the neighborhood showing Jocelyn’s picture to residents. Temar Boggs and his friend, Chris, were just two of the more than 100 people looking for the girl.

Jocelyn had been missing for two hours when 15-year-old Boggs and his friend spotted her in a car. The two followed the vehicle for 15 minutes, and the driver pulled over and let the girl out of the car before speeding off.

In the case of the Texas teen, what do you think should happen to the man if police are able to find him?

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