Maddie Ziegler Does Another Bizarre Music Video With Sia — ‘Big Girls Cry’

Last Thursday, Australian artist Sia released her latest video, Big Girls Cry, which featured an unsettling solo performance of her 12-year-old muse Maddie Ziegler.

In the video, Ziegler wore the same ensemble that she has sported in two of Sia’s previous videos. Similarly, the young dancer donned a nude body suit and a blonde bob wig. The video was filmed up close, focusing only on Ziegler’s head and shoulders against a black background.

Throughout the video, she performed bizarre moves and facial expressions like sucking her thumb, sticking a finger in her mouth like a toothbrush and pulling at her wig. She acted out in a frenzied, fast-paced manner while occasionally banging the sides of her head with her hands.

There were many other unusual scenes in the music video. At one point during the three-and-a-half minute film, a pair of hands with red-painted fingernails came from behind and locked themselves across Ziegler’s mouth. Another equally strange moment in the video was when the young dancer was hoisted up into the air by an invisible hand. She struggled to break free by moving her legs frantically and she eventually fell to the ground. Back on her feet, Ziegler then resumed her creepy performance.

Various reviews found the singer’s latest work of art as “intense” and “stirring.” In a Daily Mail article, Ziegler’s performance was described to be “so intense that at times, it seems as if the girl is being driven mad by some unseen force.”

The Hollywood Reporter seemed to agree with this description. In a review last Thursday, they thought that the video was “eerie” but also considered it as “a powerful and visually striking piece of film.”

Sia’s third music video received a warmer welcome compared to her second one, Elastic Heart, which featured actor Shia LaBeouf and Ziegler. The artist dealt with tons of criticism from social media users who associated the video with pedophilia. They found LaBeouf and Ziegler’s tussle as inappropriate and even labeled it as child abuse.

Sia took to her Twitter account to respond to the said issues.

The artist co-directed Elastic Heart with Daniel Askill whom she also worked with in Big Girls Cry.

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