Emma Watson Says She Is Going To Concentrate Her Full Attention on Career Right Now

Emma Watson, best known for her co-starring role in the Harry Potter movies and starring as Belle in the 2016 release of Beauty and the Beast, says she now feels confident enough to play lead roles in major film projects. According to Emma Watson, for the last five or six years she has been building up her portfolio, and she was busy in many other capacities, like her recent HeForShe campaign, but right now, a full-time Hollywood career is what she aspires to.

Watson's Women's Rights work was one of the reasons why she was recently named the world's most outstanding woman by the web portal AskMen, according to The Inquisitr.

Emma Watson has been selected as the world's most outstanding woman by AskMen. Out of a list of 99 accomplished women, AskMen indicated that their reason for selecting Watson as their No. 1 was due to "her work on the United Nations' HeforShe campaign" and commented that her efforts and role in the campaign was a "noble pursuit."

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For the last several years, the young actress didn't take part in any large-scale movie projects, instead paying more attention to graduating from Brown University, fulfilling her role as a UN ambassador, and her work as a feminist campaigner. And although she isn't going to set this kind of work aside, we are likely to see her in a greater number of films in the future.

It may seem amazing that she manages to take part in so many different and unrelated activities and finds time for all of them, but it seems that Ms. Watson's energy has some boundaries after all – recent rumors about her going to grad school on top of it all were quickly and thoroughly debunked, according to KPopStarz.

"The latest update on Emma Watson's education degree is that she is now looking to head to grad school to continue her academic work. But that rumor was immediately squashed by Variety Fair. So that means that 'Beauty and the Beast' star will continue to direct her efforts in building her film career in Hollywood. And maybe a stage debut isn't far off in the future."
However, even without a full-time academic career, Emma Watson's schedule is a busy one. In addition to her role in Beauty and the Beast, she stars in two other films scheduled for release this year.

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