Teen Who Shot Friend In Face Then Took Selfie Told Cops, ‘I Shot Him, I Don’t Care’

A teen from Pennsylvania who allegedly shot his friend in the face and then posed with his body for a selfie and bragged about the murder to friends has been ordered to stand trial for the killing.

Defense attorney Patrick Thomassey didn’t deny that his client, 16-year-old Maxwell Morton, shot Ryan Mangan on February 4, but he claims the shooting was unintentional.

According to Thomassey, the victim brought the gun and loaded it for Morton, and what happened next was allegedly a “terrible accident.”

“Obviously, there was no animus whatsoever between these two young men,” he said.

Nevertheless, district Judge Joseph DeMarchis ordered Morton to stand trial for first-degree murder and possession of a firearm by a minor.

A day after the shooting, when police interviewed Morton, he told them, “I just shot him. it didn’t matter, and I don’t care.”

According to District Attorney John Peck, the evidence suggests that the shooting was no accident, especially considering Morton’s boasting about the killing.

Just one day after Mangan was shot, a mother of one of the suspect’s friends told the police that her son had received a selfie of Morton on her son’s phone.

The mother also said her son received a text message from Morton which read, “I told you I cleaned up the shells. Ryan was not the last one.”

After cops searched Morton’s home and found the murder weapon in his basement, he admitted to shooting Mangan.

A friend of the deceased, Taylor Wiltrout, said she hopes Morton gets justice for killing Mangan, adding, “That would be the most important thing. That’s what he would want. He would want all of us to continue on and go on like he’s still here and do what we planned on doing.”

It remains to be seen what a jury will make of the case when it heads to court in the coming months.

[Image credit: YouTube]