Chelsea Houska Launches New Lifestyle Site: Will Cole DeBoer Be Involved?

Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska has been working very hard to provide for her daughter, Aubree, but she has also been enjoying her new boyfriend, Cole DeBoer. For many years, Chelsea has been single, and she has been very focused on finishing her work and getting a job in her field. During this time, Houska never really dated, and some people suspected that she was waiting for Adam Lind to come back to her.

But it sounds like Chelsea Houska wants to do more with the Teen Mom platform. A source close to the mother of one has revealed that Houska has some big projects on the horizon.

According to a new Radar Online report, Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska is now possibly starting a lifestyle website. Since she works in cosmetology, Houska does have an extensive amount of knowledge and experience that she is often asked about. Sharing this knowledge in an online forum does make sense.

"Chelsea's Instagram and Twitter followers are always asking her questions," a source revealed about Houska's new venture, adding, "So this is a great way to answer them all."

But Chelsea isn't the first person to do this. Other celebrities, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively, and Lauren Conrad, have all started some sort of lifestyle blog. Houska had tried to make money by selling products on a previous occasion, but now she really wants to push her online platform. Many of the other Teen Mom stars have started business ventures, so maybe Houska feels she wants to join the party.

Now that Chelsea Houska is dating a man by the name of Cole DeBoer, she could be getting the support she has been looking for. Adam Lind never really gave her any encouragement while they were dating. During Teen Mom, Adam called Aubree a mistake. But it sounds like Cole is very supportive, and he could possibly be a part of the web venture.

"Chelsea loves kids' clothes, so she will include pictures of Aubree in cute outfits and will tell everyone where she bought them," the insider revealed, adding that Cole could make an appearance, saying, "He will likely appear in some videos. Chelsea is so excited for the site!"

But don't expect Adam Lind to make an appearance. Chelsea has revealed that she is super happy that Adam has gotten a vasectomy so he can't have more children. Houska may be happier for the sake of their daughter. Houska just wants a healthy relationship between Adam and Aubree. According to the Inquisitr, Chelsea is finally happy with a new man.

What do you think of Chelsea Houska's new web venture?

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