‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska Happier Than Ever With New Boyfriend — What Does Aubree Think?

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska seems to be happier than ever in her new relationship. The MTV personality has been dating Cole DeBoer, a traffic control specialist from South Dakota, but how does her daughter Aubree Houska feel about Cole? She loves him!

According to Radar Online, Chelsea Houska has revealed that little Aubree, 5, adores her mom’s new man, and that the three of them are currently living very happily.

The Teen Mom recently posted a video of Aubree and Cole interacting, and Aubs looked adoringly at DeBoer as he made her sweetly giggle.

“She is so in love.”

Meanwhile, sources close to Houska say that both Chelsea and Aubree are totally smitten with the handsome Cole.

“She just loves him and gets all giggly around him. She’s so happy. He spends a lot of time with Chelsea and Aubree. He plays board games with her and helps her build Legos. He gives her actual attention that she doesn’t get from her dad.”

It seems that Chelsea Houska and little Aubree are getting the things from Cole that they never got from Chelsea’s ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind.

The Teen Mom 2 star tried so hard to make things work between her and Adam, after he got her pregnant while she was still in high school. However, Adam’s love of partying seemed to take priority over his family.

Chelsea and Adam went back and forth for years before Adam met Taylor Halbur, and eventually had a baby with her as well. Now, Aubree has a little sister named Paislee, and Adam and Taylor have also split.

As many Teen Mom fans know, Adam Lind has also struggled with legal issues. He’s been arrested countless times, mostly for motor vehicle violations. Lind even caused a nearly fatal crash when he plowed into an elderly couple and had to be ripped from his vehicle before it erupted in fire.

According to MTV News, it looks like Chelsea Houska has grown up and found the kind of man she’s been looking for. Cole DeBoer seems sweet, kind, generous, and most importantly, has great respect for Chelsea’s responsibility as a mother.

Cole seems to love little Aubree, which has to be the best feeling in the world for Chelsea, whom loves being a mom to that gorgeous little girl more than anything. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, rumors are already flying that the couple are engaged.

What do you think about Teen Mom Chelsea Houska’s new relationship? Is Cole the one?

[Image Credit: Chelsea Houska/Instagram]