Soleil Moon Frye Weight Loss: ‘Sabrina’ Actress Reveals How She Lost 40 Pounds After Three Babies [Video]

Soleil Moon Frye rocked those skin-tight costumes on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and now the mom of three is proud to reveal how she restored her pre-baby body with a 40-pound weight loss. After struggling for several years to battle the bulge, Soleil feels that she’s found the secret to slim-down success, reported E! News.

In January, Soleil revealed that she shed 23 pounds by using Nutrisystem. Fast-forward a few months, and now she is rocking her bikini body again by flaunting a total 40-pound weight loss.

Serving as the ambassador for the weight-loss company, Soleil explained that she initially set a goal of restoring her pre-baby body. After she achieved that milestone, she started dreaming of new clothes.

“I feel better than ever. The first thing for me when losing weight was how do I get back in my old clothes? Then buying new clothes and feeling good about that? Then it was, how do I get back in a bathing suit? And here I am!”

However, Soleil emphasized that she wants to make it clear that she didn’t achieve that 40-pound weight loss overnight. It took time to find the right diet program for her needs.

Now, at 38, Soleil feels that she’s done more than achieve her weight loss goals. She also wants to empower other women to feel better about their bodies by getting to a healthy weight.

“I just think it’s important to empower ourselves. We have kids and we love our kids. But we still have ourselves.”

As far as dramatic changes, Soleil says that she isn’t trying to achieve a different body. Instead, she wants to be her best.

“I want to feel like the best version of myself. I want to encourage moms to feel good about themselves. It’s great to feel your best. If I can do it, anyone can do it,” she said encouragingly.

And Soleil hopes to encourage other moms to take time to do the same for themselves.

“I hope that my weight loss success will inspire other mothers to make time for themselves and take that first step toward living a happier, healthier life,” added the actress.

What does her family think of her new shape? Soleil told People that her husband is thrilled about her weight loss.

“My husband said to me, ‘You’re the girl who always wears surfer shorts and rash guards [on the beach], so I didn’t even know what you looked like in a bathing suit until now!'” confessed the actress.

She also hopes to set a good example for her children. Although her son Lyric is only a year old, her daughters Poet and Jagger are nine-years-old and seven-years-old.

“I really want my girls to have a healthy image to look to. I don’t want to be the mom that’s like, ‘I can’t have any ice cream.’ So the girls eat their ice cream sandwiches and I eat my Nutrisystem ice cream sandwiches. It’s been fun!”

Other celebrity moms who recently revealed their own weight loss success are Kelly Rowland, who lost 70 pounds, and Jessica Simpson, who lost 60 pounds, as the Inquisitr reported. Both used a combination of diet and exercise to succeed in their goal of restoring their own pre-baby bodies.

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for Yoobi]