Strangers Look Like Twins: Two British Men Look Identical, But Are Not Related

Two strangers look like twins, and their striking resemblance to each other has people wondering if they are somehow related.

According to NewsMax, it all started when these two men would be walking around town, and people in the area would call them by the wrong name — each other’s name. Neil Richardson, 79, says that he would often be called “John” because he looks exactly like 69-year-old John Jemison.

“Twice a month I would have someone pass me in the street and say ‘Hello John.’ I brushed it off at the time but then I realized that the cafe owner always referred to me as John as well. One day I took him to one side and said, ‘Can I have word with you please?'” Neil said.

The cafe owner had to be shown Neil’s driver’s license to be convinced that he wasn’t John.

The strangers really do look like twins. According to the Daily Express, Neil decided to look John up on the internet but had no luck. It wasn’t until the two men were on a bus trip together that they met — and they “hit it off immediately” according to Neil. They have become friends and have so much more in common than just their looks.

“Both [are] grandfathers of four. [They] both sing, write poetry and love amateur dramatics. In the 1960s both studied at the College of St Mark and St John, then based in Chelsea, and later worked as RE teachers. The two men also use the same bank and live within half a mile of each other.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Neil and John’s wives say that they can easily tell the two men apart and say that being married for so many years makes that distinction easy. However, an outsider’s perspective is much different. It’s hard to really hone in on the differences between Neil and John, and to figure out who is who — and that’s something they have really been having fun with.

“If one of us stays at home and the other robs a bank we will always have an alibi!” Neil joked.

What do you think of the strangers who look like twins?

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