Chris Soules Admits He Misses The Farm Life: Will He Return To Iowa Soon?

Bachelor star Chris Soules may be shaking everything he’s got on Dancing with the Stars, but it sounds like Chris has been out of his comfort zone for too long. While Soules may love and enjoy the support he is getting from his Bachelor fans on Dancing with the Stars and encouraging people to vote for him every week, there is one part of him that is missing home.

On The Bachelor, Chris Soules revealed that he didn’t want to leave the farm and Iowa behind to find a wife. Despite reports that Chris absolutely loves the spotlight, it sounds like he doesn’t want to leave his farm behind for any reason. Soules grew up farming. and he has been a farmer his entire life. It is no wonder that a part of him is homesick while he is in Los Angeles competing on DWTS.

'Bachelor' Chris Soules on Iowa

According to a new tweet, Bachelor star Chris Soules has been getting plenty of support from his Iowa fans, and one person actually tweeted him a picture of a tractor on a field somewhere. Perhaps this person knew exactly what Soules must be thinking about as he is in Los Angeles, far away from the corn fields of Arlington.

“Thought you might be missing this time of year. Iowa Farmers Rock!!!” one fan wrote to Chris Soules, which made him reply, “makes me miss home.”

Clearly, Chris Soules is planning on returning to Iowa. There has been a great deal of speculation about how Chris was feeling after essentially becoming a household name thanks to his stint on The Bachelor. And after following Juan Pablo Galavis, it isn’t surprising that viewers fell in love with him. There is something simple about him; a farmer who just wants to find a wife and live on his farm. That’s it. There were no major scandals or sordid antics to muddy the waters for this year’s Bachelor.

Reports have surfaced over the past few weeks indicating that Chris Soules had been bit by the fame bug. These reports claimed that Whitney Bischoff was not happy in the relationship and was only sticking it out with him to get more airtime on Dancing with the Stars. When she is in the audience, the cameras pick up on it. And due to these rumors, fans are questioning whether Whitney is truly happy with Chris whenever she posts something on Instagram or Twitter.

According to the Inquisitr, Chris Soules and Whitney may be spending quite a bit of time together when he isn’t practicing with his dance partner, Witney Carson. Bishcoff has been very vocal about keeping the negative press out of her life with Chris Soules, so she probably doesn’t realize what people are saying about her.

Are you surprised that Chris Soules misses his farming life? Do you think he will head home as soon as his time on Dancing with the Stars is over?

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