Giant Gold Batman Statue To Be Erected In Christian Bale’s Hometown

It looks like the Dark Knight is on the rise again. In a sleepy Welsh town centre no less, where a 12-foot statue of Batman is scheduled to be erected in honour of Haverford West’s most famous son – Christian Bale.

The Western Telegraph reports that the town councillors in Haverfordwest where Christian Bale was born in 1974, wanted to honour the thespian famous for playing Batman by immortalising him in the shape of a towering batman statue.

Councillor Wayne Broose stressed that he hoped that the Batman statue, which will take pride of place in Castle Street and feature the Dark Knight’s famous black cape blowing poetically in the wind, will serve Haverfordwest valiantly, as both a tourist attraction and as a crime deterrent.

“Castle Square has seen some drunken trouble in the past and hopefully the sight of a massive Dark Knight looking down on them will make revellers think carefully before taking things too far.”

Bale has always remained proud of his Pembrokeshire roots even though he once stated, “I was born in Wales but I’m not Welsh – I’m English”, and is said to be delighted that the green light has been given for the £142,015 statue.

Like Gotham City, Bale’s home town has fell on hard times in recent years and it is hoped that the Batman statue will become a huge tourist attraction for fans of both Bale and the Dark Knight.


The Batman statue is the first phase of a proposed ‘Bale Trail’ – a series of statues showcasing Bale in his most famous roles, to be placed strategically around the town.

Statues earmarked for erection include John Connor in Terminator and the little boy from Empire of the Sun.

Haverfordwest councillors are so batty about Batman, that they are also in the process of seeking additional funding for a Bat-Signal to be situated at Haverfordwest Castle. From there the legendary bat symbol can be projected into the night sky, informing the Batman statue that its services are required.

Also, April Fools.

[Christian Bale image Via Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images}