Kourtney Kardashian Sometimes Pees When She Sneezes

Kourtney Kardashian confided in one of her sisters that, sometimes when she sneezes, she can't hold in her urine. Upon hearing, Her sister looked shocked.

There's been a lot of talk about Kourtney within the household. Some good, some not so good. However, Kardashian may have just given one of her sisters more fuel for the flame.

As you know, the newest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired on March 29, 2015. It wasn't too far into the scene when you heard Kourtney's voice while addressing Khloe. However, the words that came out took her sister back surprise.

"I'm gonna bring this stuff over here to you, Khloe. K, can I show you this? 'Cuse...okay. Pajamas, I like when they share. [Kourtney sneezes and Khloe addresses it]. Um... you know when I sneeze, sometimes, I pee?"
At this point, Kourtney's sister has her mouth gaped in confusion. The interesting part is that Kardashian attempted to continue on with the conversation, as if she did not just say that she pees when she sneezes. However, baby sister didn't let Kourtney get away from the topic and took it back again. Kardashian, then, reiterates as follows.
"[Smiling bright] When you're pregnant, you can just pee all the time. [Khloe] 'You can't control it??' No, I did. It didn't come out. Do you like this one? [Shows pajamas]"
After Kourtney's sister composed herself briefly, she answered the question, saying that she did not like the set of pajamas and moving on to the next topic.

Aside from her voluntary information, Kardashian seems to be dealing with other issues as well. Kourtney's sister happens to bring up an important point about her man's suspicious activity. There were a stack of license plates on the countertop, so Khloe figured it was an opportune time to speak with her.

"Why does he have so many plates? They're all different. At least two [should be the same]. It doesn't make you, like, ask questions? Like, why a stack of license plates? It doesn't make you wonder 'what they're for', or 'why do you need 12 license plates'? 'What are you using them for?' You don't have 12 cars. 'Where did you get them?'"
During this time, Kourtney looked on in thought after hearing her sister ask. Yet, later on, it was revealed that he was indeed in a business that sells cars. However, he adamantly stated that he was not one of the men who actually sell the vehicles and was pretty upset by the Kardashians' questioning.

What are your thoughts on Kourtney's situation with Scott? What do you think about her sometimes-inability to hold her pee when sneezing?

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