French Village For Sale, Listed For Just $431,000

If you are in the market for a new home and you have always wanted to live in France the village of Courbefy can be yours for just £278,000 (approximately $431,000).

The village is comprised of 19 buildings and includes a swimming pool, stables, family homes and a village hall. The village was put up for sale by judicial authorities in nearby Limoges after the town went more than £400,000 in debt after a man bought the town in 2003 with the hopes of turning it into a tourist destination.

As Yahoo UK points out:

It’s not a lot of money compared with British property prices – less than it would cost to buy a two-bedroom flat in Clapham, a four-bed semi in Bristol or detached villa 10 miles from Glasgow – but you get an awful lot for it.

The local newspaper La Figaro says the town is now visited by “thieves, ravers and squatters” although it was once home to more than 200 people. Given the news of thievery it’s no wonder not a single bid has been placed with the auction period ending this coming Friday.

In the meantime the only thing living in Courbefy is a bunch of vegetation and the occasional overnight thief.

Given the amount of money it would take to fix up the town I’m willing to bet no bidders come forth before the Friday auction deadline.

Would you be willing to purchase an entire village for less then $500,000?