Demetria McKinney Banned From ‘RHOA’ Reunion [Report]

Demetria McKinney was not featured during the recently tapped Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. Although McKinney was part of the Season 7 cast, she did not get an invite to the reunion, and according to a source, she wasn’t welcome.

On March 30, a source told Radar Online of the alleged snub.

“The producers didn’t feel that [Demetria McKinney] had enough to bring to the table.”

The source claimed Demetria McKinney was banned from filming because she lacked a storyline during Season 7. Typically, friends of the wives, as McKinney was credited, don’t appear for the full taping of reunions, but they usually make at least a brief appearance.

Radar Online also revealed Porsha Williams was only featured part-time during the reunion — but that was expected because of her part-time role on the series.

“[Williams] came on half-way through the taping.”

Unlike Demetria McKinney, Williams has been with the Bravo reality show for a number of years, and while she was demoted after Season 6, she claims she’ll likely be back to her full-time role when the series returns for season eight.

As the Inquisitr reported, Williams revealed to the press earlier this year that she felt she “brought it” during Season 7, thus proving to Bravo she was worthy of a full-time role.

“It would surprise me if it wasn’t offered just because of the response that I get through all of my social media,” Williams explained to Radar Online in January.

“I see a lot of people who are very vocal about [the fact that] they want to see more of myself, more of my story, where’s my life now, what I am doing with my businesses. They’re very interested and I think that’s a great thing. My supporters are amazing and they have really been warriors for getting me back on the show and wanting me to get a peach again.”

Williams went on to say she was “ready” for the spotlight again and was looking forward to returning to a larger role on the show.

Demetria McKinney, who was brought aboard the series for Season 7, along with Claudia Jordan, hasn’t yet spoken out about her possible return to the series. As for Jordan, her ongoing feud with NeNe Leakes will likely be enough to garner her a spot on Season 8.

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