Four-Year-Old Girl Who Eats 30 Pots Of Yoghurt A Day Goes Crazy If Offered Anything Else

When it comes to kid’s health, nothing is more important than the right nutrition, and that can be really challenging for some parents whose children are fussy eaters.

No one know this better than the mother of a fussy 4-year-old named Emilie-Lea Hayward who eats 30 pots of Petits Filous yoghurt a day, while going crazy if offered anything else.

Naomi Hayward is at her wit’s end with her daughter, who only eats the strawberry and raspberry flavors of the yoghurt, which contains roughly a teaspoon of sugar per pot.

While the fussy child is eating more than double the daily recommended sugar intake for adults, doctors who have examined Emily say she is in perfect shape and that her development has not been affected.

As Naomi told reporters regarding her trials and tribulations, “She has seen pediatricians and dietitians but nobody has been able to help her and I don’t know what to do. She will play with other food and touch it with her hands but she becomes hysterical if you try and feed her it. It is just totally bizarre. I breast fed her and then gave her formula and then she had yogurt but she would never take that next step.”

According to Naomi, her daughter eats six pots of the yoghurt for breakfast and then snacks on another 24 pots throughout the day.

Thankfully, the bizarre diet really hasn’t seemed to have affected Emilie, as her mother said, “She is a very happy child and totally normal in every way apart from this. It hasn’t affected her health in any way. We have had blood tests done but she is not anaemic or anything and it is all normal. I have not heard anything like it and I want to find somebody similar or find a specialist who can offer some help.”

Nevertheless, according to Nicole Rothband, a spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association spokeswoman, Emilie is at risk of becoming sick if her diet persists.

“We do come across children who miss that really important weaning window but this is a very unusual case. She will probably get enough protein and energy from the diet and she will certainly get enough calcium. The issue would be for minerals and vitamin deficiencies. There is no iron in that diet whatsoever and we find children who rely exclusively on milk become dangerously anaemic.”

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