Kaley Cuoco’s Marriage In Trouble? The Big Bang Theory Actress And Husband Constantly At Each Other’s Throats?

Is The Big Bang Theory actress’ marriage in trouble? That is certainly the way it seems as rumors spread that Kaley Cuoco and her husband are constantly arguing. The rumors started shortly after ones about her alleged pregnancy spread, and it sounds like everything is around the same topic; babies.

There is no doubt that The Big Bang Theory star and her husband Ryan Sweeting did everything at a fast pace. Within three months of dating, they were engaged. Just three months after that, they were getting married. The two have now been married for a little over a year now, and they had previously said they were extremely happy. However, it now looks like it is no paradise behind closed doors.

According to Life & Style, the two are at each other’s throats over one simple topic; starting a family. Cuoco wants to start one now, but Sweeting wants to wait a while. The professional tennis player wants to focus on his career, and has admitted that he does not want to be a dad “anytime soon.”

The source says that the two will likely split if they do not come to an agreement—more importantly if Kaley does not get what she wants. It is a major deal breaker, and something the two should have spoken about before they got married. She had previously said that she loves babies and cannot wait for her own.

“She wants kids soon, so this could be a deal breaker for Kaley. If Ryan doesn’t change his mind, they’ll probably get divorced.”

It will not help that there are now rumors that the two are expecting their first child. She spent the weekend convincing everyone that the rumors are not true, and she is not currently expecting a baby. She believes the rumors started and had merit because of her love for baggy clothes, so said that it may be time to wear tighter clothes.

However, the rumors were started by Josh Gad, Cuoco’s Wedding Ringer co-star, according to Classicalite. That should have been a big sign that the rumors were not true.

“Josh Gad just told E! that I was pregnant, so if it comes from Josh Gad’s mouth, you know it’s a blatant lie. No, I’m not pregnant! I don’t know why people keep thinking that. Maybe I should wear a little tighter clothes.”

Unlike many other TV shows, it would possibly not be a big deal if Kaley was pregnant. The pregnancy could be easily written into The Big Bang Theory, considering the way that her character Penny’s relationship is going with Leonard. It would also be interesting to see how Sheldon deals with such a big change, considering just the idea of Leonard moving out caused Sheldon to run away. However, for now there seem to be no reasons to bring in a baby to The Big Bang Theory because Kaley is not pregnant and may not be pregnant for a while.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]