Among other things, Bobby Jindal is an exorcist

The Republicans great hope for 2012, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal may now be known more for his failure at delivering a speech than actually being a serious chance, but it’s his past where things take a Hollywood turn.

Bobby Jindal is an experienced exorcist. Via Jossip:

In the middle of a prayer meeting, Jindal claimed that Susan collapsed and began convulsing on the floor. His prayer partners gathered together on the floor, holding hands and shouting, “Satan, I command you to leave this woman!”

While under the supposed control of satanic demons, Susan lashed out at Jindal and his friends. “Whenever I concentrated long enough to begin prayer, I felt some type of physical force distracting me,” Jindal reflected. “It was as if something was pushing down on my chest, making it very hard for me to breathe… I began to think that the demon would only attack me if I tried to pray or fight back; thus, I resigned myself to leaving it alone in an attempt to find peace for myself.”

A TPM article from 2008 here has more. The distrurbing thing: among the religious types that make up the core of the Republican Party these days, Jindal’s ability to cast out demons will actually be to his advantage.