Five Creepy, Cringe-Worthy Easter Bunny Photos That Would Probably Scare Children And Adults [Photos]

When most people think of the Easter bunny, they probably envision an adorable white rabbit adorned in pastel clothing with a beautiful ribbon around its neck. However, there are a number of Easter bunny photos that have surfaced online, and they aren’t exactly adorable. As a matter of fact, they’d probably make children and adults cringe.

According to Metro, many of the seemingly awkward, creepy, and bizarre pictures have been shared via social media, namely Twitter. Most of the pictures have been categorized under the hashtags #Bunny #Creepy and #Easter, but they aren’t as adorable as you’d expect.

These Easter bunnies actually border the twisted “happily ever after, child-like” imagery displayed in horror films like Flowers in the Attic and Stephen King’s It. Most of the Easter bunnies are pictures of adults dressed in costume, but some of the costumes are quite disturbing. Needless to say, the cringe-worthy pictures will definitely make you feel some kind of way.

Of course, many social media users have shared their opinions of these awkward photos. Some have even questioned why the parents of these children didn’t find these bunnies a bit disturbing. But, nevertheless all of the comments and photos are quite comical — and uncomfortable!

Would you let your kids take pictures with these Easter bunnies? Share your thoughts.

[Image(s) via Twitter]