Amazing Jump Shows Just How Far Squirrels Will Go To Crash A Seed Party

No, it’s not a flying squirrel, although it probably wishes it was. This squirrel made an amazing jump and proved that this bird-feeder is not squirrel-proof at all.

At first, the backyard critter tries to get onto the bird feeder the conventional way. When it becomes obvious climbing isn’t the solution, he turns to jumping, making an astounding leap and scaring away the birds who were greedily hogging the seed before. It may have been a big risk, but it paid off in the end.

According to the Mirror, the video was first uploaded by bhminden, and viewers seemed generally impressed with the little mammal’s determination and agility. Nevertheless, it’s not always so adorable.

As points out, squirrels getting into feeders is a real problem for bird watchers, although most don’t have such daredevils in the yard. Syracuse compiled a few hints on how to keep squirrels out.

One idea is called “twirl a squirrel,” which sets up the feeders on either side of a rotating disk. When a squirrel gets onboard, it twirls, which the little animal tends not to like, according to the account.

Another idea was to put baffles on the poles and then hang the feeders from those.

If that doesn’t work out, you can try greasing the pole the squirrel is climbing up, like in the video below.

Of course, that trick wouldn’t work with the almost-flying squirrel in the video above. If the squirrel manages an amazing jump like that, it might just be sporting to let it have some of the seed.

[Image Credit: YouTube]