‘WrestleMania 31’ Match Card Should Have WWE Divas Headlining, Say Brie And Nikki Bella

Do Vince McMahon and Triple H need to give Divas a chance as the trending Twitter hashtag once suggested? The WrestleMania 31 match card is definitely dominated by men, but Brie and Nikki Bella claim that eventually audiences will see the women of the WWE Divas headlining major pay-per-view events like WrestleMania 31.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, if we ever hear that Brie Bella is pregnant, then the WWE Diva says Kane will be the baby daddy, not Daniel Bryan.

Both Brie and Nikki Bella claim they want to care out an empire within the halls of the WWE. They both acknowledge the wear and tear from constant wrestling will eventually take its toll, and eventually they won’t be able to move quickly in the ring or handle the grueling travel schedule required of all WWE wrestlers. But if the Bella twins have their way, women will be more prominent in the industry by the time this day comes.

“I don’t want to struggle finding a job, I want to set myself up right and to pave even more the way for women in the WWE and make it not just a man’s world,” says Nikki Bella. “‘Total Divas’ has given us that platform to make it more mainstream and we just hope to continue to grow but we always will continue to come home.”

When the Bella Twins were asked when the WWE Divas might be headlining events like WrestleMania 31, Nikki admitted such a change was not right around the corner, although she believes it’s possible women wrestlers could become as popular as The Rock.

“I think it’s gonna take a while, but I definitely see us heading in that direction. I think it might be 10 years from now,” Nikki claims. “But I think ‘Total Divas’ has given some of us Divas that mainstream audience that brings us to a level where we’re getting to where John Cena’s at, we’ll get to where Dwayne Johnson’s at.”

Brie Bella was a little more hopeful, hoping that SummerSlam 2015 might feature the WWE Divas more prominently, and she is looking to see what the female NXT wrestlers might offer.

“Stephanie McMahon and myself were in a storyline and a lot of people would have said that our story’s the one that sold SummerSlam [2014],” says Brie, according to Digital Spy. “I think that Give Divas A Chance is helping put everyone on the right page. And I hope in a few weeks they do have women headlining a pay-per-view because you know, we can. They can really sell a pay-per-view and I think we have so many amazing women in NXT. I think the division is in good hands for the future.”

In the past, WWE Divas AJ Lee and Paige have said similar things, with Paige even suggesting the girls could surpass the guys in the ring.

“If we get given the time (on the main roster)… a lot of us could be better than the guys, I feel like, if we get given the time. The guys get all the time to showcase what they can do. So, of course people say ‘the guys are better than the girls.’ We do a couple minutes and that’s it. We don’t really get to showcase what we do.”

Trish Stratus has also suggested the only way the WWE Divas can really strut their stuff is if they are allowed to compete directly with men in the ring. Male wrestlers like Dolph Ziggler believe this is a good idea, but others say issues related to domestic violence should prevent WWE Superstars from ever punching WWE Divas in the face.