Futuristic bicycle even tracks you heartbeat

I’m that when it comes to something like a bicycle our mental image is one of two wheels and a tubular metal frame holding it altogether. whether it be a mountain bike or a sleek looking racer not much has really changed about the two wheeled beauty. Well the folks at BERU f1systems decided to start with a fresh blank sheet and design something new.

By taking a look at the bike in the picture it is easy to see that they did indeed come up with something unlike most of the bikes on the market today. The bike, called the Factor 001, uses the latest technologies from motor sport, aerospace and uses some of the most cutting edge materials from around the world.

Unlike conventional bicycles, the Factor 001 is being designed from the ground up as an integrated, cohesive device. By taking component integration to a new level the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts – riders of the Factor 001 will experience unprecedented, efficiency, responsiveness and durability.

Factor 001 will be the first truly modern training aid for the serious athlete. The fully integrated, multi-channel ergonometric data recording system will deliver a richer record of athletic performance than could previously be achieved. For the first time, riders and their coaches will collect and analyse laboratory-quality data in a real-word environment.

Source: Factor 001

Not to mention the fact that it would definitely turn heads if you saw it cruising down the street.

hat tip to Inhabitat