Bryan Fischer Asserts That Having To Serve All Customers Is Like Being Under Hitler’s Rule

“Godwin’s Law” is the facetious assertion that in an online debate, someone will eventually claim that the other side is like Hitler. However, someone forgot to tell the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer that this isn’t a serious thing.

In a wild rant Saturday regarding Indiana’s controversial “religious freedom” legislation, he explained his stance — including comparing people who are opposed to the law to Hitler, and assuring that people will soon have to hide in their churches.

Bryan Fischer is a radio host for the American Family Association, and he supports Indiana’s “religious freedom” legislation, wholeheartedly. He supports it to such an extent, in fact, that he’s pretty sure anyone who disagrees is like Hitler.

That wasn’t all, though. While many are rallying against the law that allows business owners to discriminate against customers, Fischer rolled on with his support of the bill, and called those who fight against it anti-Christian bigots.

He seems to believe that the public refusing to accept discrimination is a violation of the First Amendment, which, he may or may not be aware, does not say that a person won’t face any repercussions for speech, or that someone can use the First as an excuse to ignore established law (such as anti-discrimination laws.)

Though many churches have already affirmed their support for gay rights, and opposition to this law, the radio host suggests that pastors are being silenced and must speak up.

It seems that the American Family Association, Bryan Fischer, and other supporters of this law feel that for businesses to turn away customers is an expression of freedom — but for businesses and individuals to take their wallets elsewhere, rather than Indiana, is not only oppressive and anti-Christian, but comparable to genocide.