‘Mean Sister’ Jessa Duggar: Younger Duggars ‘Thrilled’ That She Married And Moved Out

It appears that some of the Duggars were more thrilled than others that sister Jessa got married — not because of nuptial celebrations, but because they wanted her to move out!

While parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had bittersweet emotions about their daughter Jessa marrying and moving out to begin her life with husband Ben Seewald, it seems as though the younger ones in the Duggar brood were more than ready to see Jessa go. Reportedly, Jessa has long been viewed as “the mean sister,” and her very presence is enough to instill fear into the hearts of the youngest of the Duggars.

It all began with the fact that mom Michelle expected her older children to help handle and teach the younger in their impressively-sized brood of 19 children. Making the decision to home-school the Duggar children when firstborn Josh was just eight-months-old, Michelle taught the older children to teach the younger children. Jessa apparently took to the task of teaching quickly, keeping a close eye on grades and becoming a strict taskmaster with the younger Duggars.

As Fashion & Style reported, “Jessa’s name struck fear in the hearts of the younger kids. Hearing their older sister’s name became a way to instill fear in the children to do what was expected of them, for they knew Jessa would make them toe the line when necessary.”

In fact, the younger Duggar children say that hearing Jessa’s name was tantamount to hearing “the name Jesse James. It’s, like, feared in the school world.”

But that never bothered Jessa Duggar, who admitted that she never had a problem cracking the whip and being “the bad guy” when it came to her younger brothers and sisters.

And it seems that Jessa’s harsh personality began in childhood. While Jessa remembers herself as being “just the sweetest kid,” dad Jim Bob Duggar remembers differently. Describing his daughter as being a “handful” in her younger days, with a strong-will. He did add that her strong-willed character has led her to become “strong-willed to do what’s right.”

Brother Josh Duggar, 27, says Jessa is a lot like him. “She will tell you exactly what she’s thinking whether you want to hear it or not,” he said, adding,”She will stand up to you and she always has an opinion, and she’s always gonna express it.”

Mom Michelle Duggar managed to take the very actions and attitudes that led the younger Duggars to think of Jessa as “the mean sister” and turn them into virtues. “Jessa really blossomed with her ability to lead and to teach,” said Michelle. “I really don’t know who would take over Jessa’s role, but whoever will has some big shoes to fill.”

With Jessa, Michelle explained, “It’s all or nothing. She puts her whole heart into it. If she knows this is the path, this is the way, the best thing to do, the right thing to do – she will just jump.”

Even her siblings capitulated, and despite comparing her to an outlaw whose name struck fear into the hearts of those who heard it, describing Jessa as a “wonderful sister.”

Wonderful — and maybe a little on the mean side, as well.

Click here to see the photo that has many Duggar fans wondering if Jessa is expecting her first child with husband Ben Seewald.

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