Palm Sunday Quotes And Prayers Celebrate The Beginning Of Holy Week

Palm Sunday is celebrated one week before Easter Sunday. Christians around the world will celebrate a day that commemorates Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, and marks the beginning of Holy Week. Find a selection of quotes and prayers below to share with family and friends, or to use as Facebook or Twitter statuses.

According to Share Faith, the tradition of Christians carrying palms on Palm Sunday is associated with Jesus’ followers covering his path with palm fronds the day he entered Jerusalem.

Palms, which are said to be symbolic of triumph and victory, will be distributed to worshippers on Sunday. Many church-goers tie the palms to make them look like a cross. Time reports that some churches burn the palms at the end of Palm Sunday, saving the ashes until the following year to use on Ash Wednesday.

“In this Holy Week the Lord Jesus will renew the greatest gift we could possibly imagine: he will give us his life, his body and his blood, his love.” — Pope Francis

“But Palm Sunday tells us that… it is the cross that is the true tree of life.” — Pope Benedict XVI

“May the spirit of this holy occasion, the warmth of the season make your heart bloom with joy and happiness, have a blessed Palm Sunday.” — Unknown

“Alleluia, how the people cheer and palm leaves rustle as the king draws near.” — Unknown

“Palm Sunday is all about the voluntary death of Jesus. He came to die. He planned to die. He intended to die.” — Luke 13: 33

“Today, we remember not just Jesus’ entry in to Jerusalem in the past, but also his entry in the future.” — Unknown

“When Christ entered into Jerusalem the people spread garments in the way: when He enters into our hearts, we pull off our own righteousness, and not only lay it under Christ’s feet but even trample upon it ourselves.” — Augustus Toplady

“May the spirit of this holy occasion, the warmth of the season make your heart bloom with joy & happiness, have a blessed Palm Sunday.” — Unknown

“Today is Palm Sunday, let’s go to church and hear the words of God. Holy Week na so repent from our sins. May he forgive us. God bless us all.” — Unknown

“Jesus found a donkey and sat upon it, as Scripture says: Do not fear, city of Zion! See, your king is coming, sitting on the colt of a donkey!” — John 12:14

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