Nina Dobrev To Ian Somerhalder: Cancel The Wedding!

It seems the Nina Dobrev-Ian Somerhalder-Nikki Reed love triangle is back in the news, with Ms. Dobrev reportedly insisting that Ian cancel the wedding. But is it really a love triangle in the strictest definition? That would depend on who you ask. For whatever reason, Nina Dobrev’s passion for Somerhalder has been reignited and some blame their recent scenes in The Vampire Diaries for the latest batch of troubles.

Add to the unfolding drama that the reason for the Dobrev-Somerhalder break-up, Nina’s reluctance to settle down into a greater commitment, has reportedly changed and it seems that the lines aren’t quite as cut and dry as fans of The Vampire Diaries stars had been led to believe.

In the past weeks, Dobrev and Somerhalder had been kept apart due to their filming schedules, but, whether this separation had been intentional or happenstance, Nina and Ian have again been thrust together by the natural progression of The Vampire Diaries’ current plot. In the most recent episodes, scenes have put Dobrev’s character in Somerhalder’s arms, passionate kisses naturally followed. Apparently, the on-screen romances have only made Nina’s feelings grow stronger for Ian.

No matter how professionally actors might treat scenes involving intense emotions, one cannot deny the feelings those segments stir. It also seems Nikki Reed was just as affected by the kisses as Nina. Reed reportedly postponed wedding plans with Ian Somerhalder, following those scenes. The scenes and the time Nina and Ian have been spending together have allegedly stirred up a big cauldron of trouble for the trio.

Sources report that Nina’s change of heart regarding a deeper commitment, and Dobrev’s passion for getting Ian Somerhalder back, has sparked fighting between all three of them, with Ms. Reed’s jealousy fired up that much more by those steamy Vampire Diaries scenes. Some claim that the delay of the wedding are due solely to hectic work schedules and a thriving romance between Nikki and Ian, but the spectre of an affair continuing between Ms. Dobrev and Somerhalder can only be contributing to Ms. Reed’s hesitation to commit to any firm wedding plans.

A source close to Ms. Reed told Hollywood Life that nothing could be further from the truth and that the couple are just taking their time to plan out their ideal wedding.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed pose together
Photo courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment

“They do want an outside wedding and they also want it to be very intimate. They definitely want the feel of it to be outside near where they live.”

The source added that Ian and Nikki have a specific idea about what their nuptials should entail. The source mentioned that they wanted a situation where their pets could also be included in the festivities and that the ceremony would be intimate with a limited guest list. Will Nina Dobrev’s name make it onto that select guest list?

It seems there are two contradictory stories emerging from various sources. What do you think? Will the Somerhalder-Reed wedding come off without a hitch, or does Nina Dobrev still have a hold on Ian Somerhalder?