Kate Middleton And Prince William Favorite TV Show Revealed — And It’s Not What You’d Expect

Kate Middleton and Prince William obviously lead busy lives, with public appearances, the Prince’s military duties, and of course the demands of parenting Prince George while awaiting the birth of their second child. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have time to zone out in front of the tube now and then.

It turns out that they have favorite shows — shows that aren’t Downton Abbey — but at least one of those shows turns out be a series that royal watchers may not have expected.

The revelation came in an interview this week with 27-year-old British heartthrob actor William Moseley, one of the stars of the first scripted drama ever to air on E! — a series appropriately titled The Royals.

The E! show depicts a highly fictional British Royal Family — a much younger, sexier royal family than the real one. In fact, in that show, 49-year-old actress/model Elizabeth Hurley plays the Queen, a queen named Helena Henstridge, wife of Britain’s King Simon. Viewers will be treated to the site of Hurley’s fictional and shapely queen occasionally getting about as naked as a queen could get on basic cable.

In real life, the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, is 39 years older than Elizabeth Hurley, and England has not had a king since the death of the current queen’s father, George VI, in 1952. England has never had a King Simon.

Given the wide disparity between The Royals and the real royals, Moseley was asked whether he expects Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William, to be among the show’s viewers.

“Fortunately William and Kate were fans of our creator’s first show ‘One Tree Hill,’” said Moseley. “So they might tune in and have a quiet watch.”

One Tree Hill?

The series ran on The CW network — formerly The WB — from 2003 to 2012 and followed the lives of a group of teenagers from Wilmington, North Carolina, as they grow up and out of high school and into adult life.

What possible appeal One Tree Hill may have had for Kate Middleton and Prince William, Moseley did not explain. Nor is it known whether the royal couple is fully caught up on all nine seasons of the hit drama. The entire series was released as a box-set DVD shortly after it concluded on The CW.

The Royals premiered in Britain Wednesday night earlier this week. Whether Kate Middleton and Prince William were among the viewers remains to be seen.

[Image: Pool Photo/Getty Images]