Kindergarten Security Guard Parties While On His Night Shift

A kindergarten security guard invited his friends to an all-night party at a nursery school he was hired to safeguard.

Andrei Saveliev was hired as a security guard for a kindergarten in Chelyabinsk, Russia. However, during his shift, the 29-year-old rounded up a few of his friends and partied all night in the kindergarten to the point where they passed out in the children’s bedding.

The nighttime party that took place in the kindergarten came to everyone’s attention when Danil Valiulin, a local 27-year-old man posted photos of the security guard, Andrei Saveliev and his friends, drinking beer, smoking, and playing cards using the children’s small furniture.

Ultimately, the partiers ended up crashing in the bedding used for the toddler’s midday naps. However, after Valiulin posted the images online, a parent recognized where the photos originated.

Kindergarten party
Passed out on child's bedding after partying in kindergarten. (Photo courtesy of CEN)

The parent reported their startling discovery of the online images to the head of the kindergarten, Svetlana Sochneva.

To Ms. Sochneva’s surprise, the administrator verified the images were definitely that of the kindergarten building and of their former security guard, Andrei Saveliev, a young man hired to perform duties as the nursery school’s night watchman.

Security Guard Playing Cards
Kindergarten security guard playing cards with his friends in nursery. (Photo courtesy of CEN)

The Mirror’s coverage of this story quotes Ms. Sochneva in saying the following.

“We always regarded him as a very reliable employee and never had any idea that he was organizing these after hours activities.”

Ms. Sochneva immediately notified her superiors about the security guard’s actions, as well as the formal objections coming from outraged parents.

Daily Mail reports the city of Chelyabinsk’s Commission of Social Policy also received a number of complaints regarding the security guard’s behavior.

The committee’s chairman, Aleksandr Galkin commented.

“I can confirm that we have had several complaints from parents and we have reported the matter to police urging them to take action over the illegal use of the property.”

After partying, men sleeping in Kindergarten children's bedding. (Photo courtesy of EuroPics/CEN)

Former security guard, Andrei Saveliev worked as a night watchman at the kindergarten for three months. His employment at the nursery school ended nearly two years ago; however, the photos of him partying with his friends recently emerged.

Parents are very angry–they demand action and want to know how and why the security guard and his friends got away with having all-night parties at the kindergarten.

Man Sleeps In Child's Kindergarten Bedding.
Man sleeps in children's bedding after partying at kindergarten. (Photo courtesy of EuroPics)

The photographs of the security guard and other men partying, drinking beer, playing cards, and sleeping in the children’s bedding were all taken at kindergarten 428, in central Russia’s Chelyabinsk Oblast region.

[Featured image courtesy of Marco di Lauro/Getty Images]