Ponies Chase Away Wild Boar To Save Couple, Video Goes Viral

Tara Dodrill

Ponies chased away a wild boar and saved a couple walking on a rural Belgium road from likely harm. The viral video of the ponies chasing a wild boar shows a fairly tranquil countryside scene until the black wild board comes rampaging into view.

The three small ponies in the viral video are now being hailed as heroes for saving the walking couple. The man and the woman were recording the beautiful scenery they were encountering on their walk in Belgium, blissfully unaware that a potential tragedy was heading their way.

The woods in northern Belgium are reportedly polluted with wild boar, making hunting for the animals a growing and popular pastime. Although boar meat is safe to eat, it is not popular among those who typically grab a rifle and hunt for wild game to put on the dinner table. The Belgium wild boar have reportedly become so "aggressive" that hunting dogs are donning bulletproof Kevlar jackets when accompanying their best friends into the forest to seek out the fast and typically ferocious creatures.

The video of the Belgium ponies chasing the wild boar was uploaded to YouTube and has been viewed more than 1.6 million times. One man who claimed to be an expert on wild boar stated during an interview with L'Express that the ponies may actually just have been "playing" with the boar rather than saving the pair. The man also stated that the three ponies may have followed the wild boar charging the couple out of a "herd instinct."

Some avid horsemen and woman disagree and have experienced entirely different responses when a wild boar is encountered during a trail ride. Typically, a fight or flight response trumps any herd instinct when it comes to the potentially deadly wild boars, according to some equestrian experts.

What do you think of the ponies chasing the wild boar viral video shot in Belgium? How do you feel about wild boar hunting?

[Images via YouTube video screengrab]