Off-Duty Pa. State Trooper Successfully Delivers Baby In Sheetz Parking Lot

An off-duty Pennsylvania State Trooper successfully delivered a baby at a convenience store parking.

A Perry County woman is resting comfortably at Holy Spirit Hospital – after her newborn baby managed to convert what could have been a routine delivery into a wild ride. The baby was in so much of a hurry that it did not wait for the mother and her entourage to reach the hospital. Solely due to the steady and experienced hands of a Pennsylvania State Trooper, the mother was able to safely and successfully deliver a baby in a Sheetz Parking Lot.

Miranda Eaton was on the way to the hospital in Camp Hill from Newport on Tuesday night, in a car full of friends and family. She was in so much pain; she asked them to pull over.

“I told them to pull over because I was getting anxiety, and I was getting really hot. I’m walking around screaming and hollering.”

Trooper Mark Fisher was off-duty and traveling home about 11 p.m. Tuesday when he saw a disabled vehicle. When he approached the vehicle he found its female passenger in active labor. State police Cpl. Brian Wolfe too, pulled his vehicle behind Fisher to assist the motorist, but the situation was quite different, as it was the passenger that needed their help, not the vehicle.

Miranda, her contractions strong, informed the troopers that she couldn’t wait for emergency medical services as the baby was determined to make an early entry into the world. Though she wanted the troopers to assist her getting to Holy Spirit Hospital to deliver the baby, her plan wasn’t to come to pass either.

Though the troopers managed to get Miranda’s vehicle started and on its way to the hospital, the baby was in no mood to wait. Realizing time had run out, the officers directed the vehicle to enter the parking of Sheetz convenience store in Penn Township. Though EMS was already heralded, it was learned they would take some time to reach the location.

The Baby Didn't Allow The Mother To Reach The Hospital

Having barely made in to the parking lot, Miranda’s water broke and she went into rapid labor. As fate would have it, Fisher was a former emergency medical technician and recognized the baby was crowning quickly.

Calling for supplies, Fisher got down to welcome Miranda’s baby. Wolfe rushed into the store to get towels and necessary delivery supplies while Fisher stayed with the woman.

Deftly working with Miranda, Fisher managed to deliver the baby in the cramped backseat. The trooper skillfully cleaned the baby and ensured it had an open and clear airway. Fisher watched over the baby and the mother till the emergency medical services arrived.


Miranda, who says she is eternally grateful to god and Fisher, has only kind words for the Pennsylvania state trooper.

[Update] The delivery went well and the girl weighed-in at 7 pounds, 13 ounces. The parents have named the baby girl: Arabella

[Image Credit | State Police]