Oisin Tymon, ‘Top Gear’ Producer, Now Target Of Violent Twitter Posts

Oisin Tymon had to figure the situation wouldn’t stop quickly. Very few could have expected this level of backlash.

According to The Guardian, Tymon, one of the producers for the very successful Top Gear show on BBC, is now the recipient of many violent threats via the social media outlet Twitter. For those who haven’t heard, Tymon and Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson got into an altercation over the lack of hot food at a hotel where the show was taping. The confrontation came to a head when Clarkson allegedly punched Tymon. Clarkson immediately reported the incident to his BBC superiors.

After an investigation by the BBC, BBC Director General Tony Hall decided to not renew Clarkson’s contract. The show itself has been shelved for now, with the other hosts, Richard Hammond and James May being put on hiatus, as well. The decision to sack Clarkson came even after a petition signed by over one million persons was delivered to BBC Headquarters by a person dressed as show favorite The Stig driving a tank.

Many fans immediately flocked to Twitter to voice their discontent with Tymon and the decision to fire Clarkson using the hashtags #boycottBBC, #BringBackClarkson and#OisinTymon. Tymon, now being singled out as the reason for Clarkson’s dismissal, has received death threats, calling for Tymon to be shot and to “visit the morgue VERY soon.”

The Independent is reporting that BBC’s inquiry revealed that Tymon, at one point, “was shocked and distressed by the incident, and believed that he had lost his job”. The inquiry also revealed that Tymon suffered severe enough injuries to his mouth that he had to be taken to the A&E (Accident and Emergency) section of a local hospital.

Now, Tymon, who does not have a Twitter account, suffers more abuse from fans of Clarkson and the show, with the seemingly majority belief that Top Gear will suffer the same fate as Clarkson. One tweet said, “All could have been avoided if this Oisin Tymon geezer had a pair and just punched him back… #Clarkson #RIPTopGear.” Another tweet proclaimed “#OisinTymon murderer of the world’s greatest motor show.”

Tymon, however, does have his supporters. One such tweet stated, “Man assaults another man and victim receives abuse because people can’t watch a TV show about cars. Bravo society. Bravo. #OisinTymon.” Yet another posed a rather poignant question, “I wonder how the people out for Oisin Tymon’s blood would feel if their boss punched them for no good reason?”

The BBC has yet to announce what the fate of Top Gear, Hammond and May will be. A decision should be coming soon.

[Image courtesy of BBC Worldwide/The Guardian]

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