'Dead Woman' Sits Up In Coffin, Undertaker Passes Out From Shock

A 92-year-old "dead woman" was ready for her funeral when she suddenly sat up in her coffin and asked, "Where am I?" The funeral director in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, promptly passed out from shock.

According to the Metro, the woman was pronounced dead just hours before at a care home, where she had been living in Germany. She was immediately taken to the Munstermann funeral parlor to prepare for her funeral.

The funeral director was shocked when the woman suddenly sat up in her coffin, asking where she was. He apparently passed out briefly, but when he recovered he found the lady lying in her coffin with both her eyes wide open.The funeral director immediately called an ambulance and the paramedics found that the woman did, indeed, still have a pulse. The woman was then taken to the hospital and her relatives were informed.

It seems the woman had been found by a carer in her bed on Sunday and, according to nursing staff, appeared to have stopped breathing.

Shortly after this, nurses called a doctor at the care home, who pronounced the woman dead. The dead woman was then transported to the funeral home to prepare for her funeral.

The Daily Mail reports that a police investigation has been launched into the medical staff at the care home to find out how such an error could have been made.

The head of the care home, Lother Burger, is struggling to understand how such an awful situation could have come to pass and the care home is reportedly being hammered by the press.

"This is terrible and inexplicable... We are being devoured by the press, we are being pilloried."
Regrettably, the woman passed away on Monday, this time for good.

A similar, and rather gruesome, incident was reported by the Inquisitr recently, in which a Ghanaian man claims to have died twice, and been resurrected twice, and said he had seen both Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul II in hell while he was at it.

[Image: CC BY-SA 2.5 Robert Lawton]