Elizabeth Hurley Brings Son To 'The Royals' Premiere: 12-Year-Old Has Acting Plans

Back in the spotlight for her new E! series, The Royals, Elizabeth Hurley brought her 12-year-old son, Damian, to the show's London premiere Tuesday night. Hurley, 49, is actually "sharing" the spotlight with her handsome son, who turns 13 next month, Us Weekly reports.

The model/actress appeared on Britain's talk show, This Morning. Hurley says Damian loved spending his summer vacation last year on the set during filming.

"Damian is 13 next month. I didn't want him to be a city kid, I wanted him to be a country kid... Last summer, during his vacation from school, he was on the film set and he loved every single second of it. He adores it. He really wants to do it... he's not sure (whether to be in front or camera or behind) but he likes all of it."
As the Hamilton Spectator reports, Hurley's son -- whose father is American businessman and film producer Steve Bing -- wants be in show business. He escorted his mother wearing a suit and blue tie on the red carpet at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. He was comfortable in front of the cameras and came off as a real natural in front of the media.

Elizabeth Hurley's son definitely has her good looks. His godfather is his mother's ex-husband, Hugh Grant.

Hurley put her work on hold so she could spend time raising her son. Now that he's almost a teenager, she's ready to get back on the screen again. She's excited about her new E! series. She portrays the fictional character of Queen Helena. The good part is the series shows off London at its best.

"... We really, really show off... It's kind of fabulous for us, I think," Hurley says.

Former Dynasty star Joan Collins will play her mother, the Grand Duchess of Oxford. Elizabeth says she actually based her character off that of Alexis Colby on the hit ABC prime time soap.

"Maybe Joan Collins was my inspiration... I was inspired a little by her part in 'Dynasty', so I pulled a little bit from her but also I tried to think, 'What would Princess Diana maybe have looked like had she become our queen and was queen today?' So I was pulled on her looks wise and how she might have looked, personality wise not at all.. that was more Joan Collins and maybe Cruella De Vil!"
Maybe down the road, Elizabeth Hurley's son will appear on his own show or with his mother.

[Photo Credit: David M. Benett/Getty Images for The Royals]