Miley Vegas Solo: Miley Cyrus, Patrick Schwarzenegger Split After Cheating Scandal?

Miley went to Vegas solo, after her beau Patrick Schwarzenegger returned from spring break with some interesting photos following him home. According to Yahoo! News, Miley has been having a hard time since seeing the photos, which show Patrick with at least two other women (one is supposedly his ex-girlfriend). And the pictures haven’t stopped coming.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, some of the photos showed Patrick with his arms around a “mystery brunette” whom he has identified as “his friend’s girlfriend.” However, the two got very close, and at one point, Patrick did a body shot off of her stomach.

Patrick has since taken to social media to defend himself, and to tell the world that he never cheated on his girlfriend, but it doesn’t look like Miley believes him. It actually doesn’t look like anyone believes him at this point.

Miley’s solo Vegas trip was sort of telling, especially because she and Patrick Schwarzenegger have been pretty much inseparable since they first started dating. She hasn’t confirmed nor denied anything, but she also hasn’t defended her man either. A couple of strange Instagram posts (not that this is anything new) suggest that Miley is moving on, but who knows? She could choose to believe Patrick, and to get over the photos, especially because he’s feeling terrible about what happened.

A source tells Just Jared that Patrick feels terrible, and that he is having a hard time with this too (then perhaps he shouldn’t have gotten handsy in Cabo, right?).

“This whole thing has hit Patrick really hard because he was just on spring break and acting like a stupid frat boy. He feels bad that it would affect his relationship, but he 100 percent never cheated on Miley. He knows the pictures look bad, but honestly, nothing happened,” said a source.

If Miley went to Vegas solo on purpose, it is safe to say that she and Patrick are no longer together. The two have been dating for several months, but despite rumors that they were getting “serious,” it sounds like Patrick isn’t really ready to settle down. Most people feel like his actions were inappropriate, whether he was just having fun or not. Getting close with other women isn’t really cool when you’re in a committed relationship. If Miley agrees, then chances are, she will be moving on to the next one any moment now.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]