What This Man Is Accused Of Doing To 26-Year-Old Devin Norman Will Make You Sick [Photos]

Devin Norman, a 26-year-old gay man living in Corinth, Mississippi, was allegedly assaulted by 23-year-old James David Scott (pictured above) for no other reason than his sexual orientation, according to reports from WTVA.

Scott and Norman got into an altercation in the parking lot of a local Walmart. Norman had made a post on social media that reportedly agitated Scott. Authorities said the post was "sexual in nature." After exchanging words, Scott threw Norman to the ground and unleashed a truly unsettling amount of violence on the victim.

However, if you check out the GoFundMe page created in Devin's honor, several comments paint an increasingly complex picture of what might have occurred between the two men.

Now I'll precursor this by saying that these are unsubstantiated claims from one of the people close to the two men.

The woman -- "Nikki Davis" -- is referring to Scott when she says "Junior." She has a much different version of events than what you'll find at Patheos, which basically blames Christians for what happened to Devin Norman.

"I was there i know exactly what happened devin instigated it junior is a father and is well respected. Devin shouldnt have threatened junior he shouldnt have provoked him it wasnt right for devin to go around and show pictures and messages that was supposed to just be between them and for devin to threaten to post those same pictures and messages on facebook no the violence wasnt necessary thats obvious junior fells bad and understands the consequences but it isnt right that devin further trying to humilate and descredit him with lies... This is fraud and what happened was not a hate crime devin pushed him to it... Junior told me before anyone and he decided to come out before this he just didnt want to publically prodcast it."
I won't try to interpret any more meaning than what's there. But regardless of what went down between the two, it's difficult to justify doing this to someone.

Devin Norman

According to WTVA, Norman suffered "severe wounds to the face" and at least one broken cheek bone. The GoFundMe page has grossed more than $3,300 out of a $2,500 goal to help with legal and medical expenses.

Authorities are not calling this a hate crime, stating that there was "no evidence" that's what led to the altercation. However, the investigation is ongoing, and charges are already expected to be upgraded from simple assault to aggravated assault.

What do you think went down between Devin Norman and his attacker?