Hozier ‘Work Song’ Video Debuts, Goes Viral On YouTube With Christian Lyrics: ‘No Grave Can Hold My Body Down’ [Video]

The new video from Hozier titled “Work Song” has debuted, and it’s causing such a hubbub and fuss that now the phrase “Work Song” is a trending topic on Twitter as of this writing. Again, the deep man with the curly hair and deep, pensive lyrics has enthralled a bunch of folks who love his thoughtful music.

And yet, the “Take Me to Church” song that Hozier is best known for isn’t about being taken to church at all. Hozier never wrote the anthem for the music charts, reports the Inquisitr, and Hozier balked at being turned into the pop star that the recording industry “machina” tried to make him initially, before he hit it big with a song from his heart that took the church at large to task over issues such as hypocrisy.

“That’s a fine-looking high horse. What you got in the stable?”

Indeed, even the biggest of Christian evangelical John 14:6-writing on $1, $5, and $20 bills for tips believers could relate to Hozier’s frustrations with opening up some of the worst parts of their lives to leaders at places of worship — self-proclaimed spiritual “hospitals” as it were — only to find their own sins attempted to be used against them. It’s no wonder “Take Me to Church” is still ruling the music charts.

“I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife. Offer me that deathless death.”

And yet Hozier’s speech about no masters or kings when the ritual begins — presumably the sex ritual that the ill-informed writing seems to think will save his soul — won’t fully jump onboard the man’s erroneous philosophy.

While the Hozier – Work Song goes viral on YouTube, with the website already reporting more than 2,600 thumbs up for the video, recently published on Monday, March 23, a glance into the lyrics shows that Hozier just can’t stay away from that Christian stuff.

“No grave can hold my body down,” Hozier sings in the “Work Song” as a slow flash mob dance of sorts between couples breaks out in an awkward manner in a warehouse reminiscent of a church. The lyrics about no grave holding a body down are older than the Johnny Cash remakes floating around the web, but belong to the collection of old “Negro spiritual” songs that slaves used to sing rhythmically in the fields when working from sun up to sun down, from “can’t see to can’t see,” as they used to say. Hozier notably skips over the lyrics about Jesus in the song.

Meet me Jesus meet me
Meet me in the middle of the air
If these wings fail me, meet me with another pair
There ain’t no grave gonna hold my body down
There ain’t no grave gonna hold my body down
When you hear that trumpet sound
Gonna get up out of the ground
There ain’t no grave gonna hold my body down

Nevertheless, Kid Rock loves Hozier, reports MLive and Hozier’s recent House of Blues concert went relatively well, reports the Dallas Observer‎ – and now with “Work Song” getting a load of views, Hozier is at it again.

[Image via “Work Song”]