Helicopter Orlando: Florida Home Hit By Helicopter, 3 People Confirmed Dead

A helicopter hit an Orlando, Florida home over the weekend, killing three people. According to the Orlando Sentinel, police confirmed that three people were killed in this accident, not one (believed to be the pilot), which was what was originally reported.

According to CBS News, a Robinson R44 crashed into the guest house of the home on Sunday. Authorities originally said that the guest house was empty at the time of the crash, but new information released on Monday morning suggests differently.

“Orlando Fire Department Assistant Chief Hezedean Smith said when the flames were put out, firefighters found the person dead inside the guest house. Smith did not identify the person,” CBS News reported. It is presumed that one of the bodies that was found was the pilot of the aircraft, but none of the victims have been identified at this time.

The helicopter that hit the Orlando, Florida home was only in the air for a few minutes before crashing. The helicopter took off from Orlando Executive Airport, but only traveled about two miles before hitting the home. The FAA is investigating, and say that they are unsure what caused the crash.

According to the New York Daily News, residents in the area gathered around to see the commotion.

“Neighbors watched the plumes of smoke from the smothered fire from across the street just north of downtown Orlando… The crash sent the helicopter’s rudder flying into a fence, photos show.”

It is unknown exactly how much damage was done to the home, but there was a lot of debris scattered about.

While it is possible to survive crashes of this nature, it’s not exactly easy. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, actor Harrison Ford was piloting a plane that crashed last month, but he is expected to make a full recovery. Although his injuries were serious, Ford is lucky to have his life. His plane, however, didn’t crash into a structure (like a home).

It would have been a miracle if the helicopter pilot survived Sunday’s crash. Those who were in the home at the time would be lucky to walk away as well.

As far as Ford’s future in flying goes, sources say that his family is really worried for his safety, and it’s unknown if he will ever pilot an aircraft again.

“It is a worry for her and his children that he has this dangerous hobby, but they appreciate he loves it, it’s something he is very passionate about. Whether or not he will pilot a plane again remains to be seen but everyone around him certainly hopes he will take a break – or give it up for ever. It is ­obviously a huge worry,” shared a source.

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]