Harrison Ford Recovering: Calista Flockhart Bringing Husband Food, Good Books During Recovery

Harrison Ford is recovering after a plane crash, and he’s doing better. According to People Magazine, the actor is said to be enjoying some good reads as he recuperates at a Los Angeles hospital. His wife of five years has been visiting him just about every day since the accident, and has been helping keep his spirits up over the past couple of weeks.

“She drops Liam off in the morning and then spends hours with Harrison. She brings him food and reading material,” shared a source. Despite the terrifying ordeal, Ford is expected to make a full recovery. Doctors say that his injuries (many on his face and head) will heal, and the scars will eventually fade.

Although Harrison Ford is recovering, there has been some chatter about his future as a pilot. According to the International Business Times, Harrison and Calista have had some serious conversations about him flying again, especially because this wasn’t his first crash — and because he’s lucky to be alive this time around.

“Early reports indicate that Flockhart forbid her husband from flying anymore – not an altogether unwise decision as this is his third aviation-related crash during his time as an amateur pilot.”

It’s unknown if the couple has made a decision on this, or if Ford is anxious to pilot a plane again, but only time will tell. Sometimes a near-death experience is enough to make someone want to stay away, but there is always that chance that Ford’s passion will outweigh his fear.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ford has a lot to think about post-recovery. However, he is focused on getting better, and eventually being able to go home. The piloting discussions may be brought up again in the future, but it’s important that he takes things day by day right now. The support of his family is instrumental, and it seems obvious that everyone is happy that he is alive. The rest will work itself out.

“It is a worry for her and his children that he has this dangerous hobby, but they appreciate he loves it, it’s something he is very passionate about. Whether or not he will pilot a plane again remains to be seen but everyone around him certainly hopes he will take a break – or give it up for ever. It is ­obviously a huge worry,” shared a source.

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