Mountain Dew Dewshine Uses 'Secret' Ingredient, NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. Unveils Dewshine Paint Job [Video]

The new Mountain Dew Dewshine hit shelves today, March 23, 2015, and already NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr. is celebrating the new Mountain Dew flavor by unveiling his new Dewshine paint job on his vehicle. But is the "secret" ingredient that sets apart the Dewshine Mountain Dew?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, when DEWitos fans tried the test samples of the liquid cheese called Doritos Mountain Dew, the reviews were understandably mixed.

Company representatives say they are looking to Mountain Dew's roots in the backwoods of Tennessee by naming it Dewshine. No, that does not mean the secret ingredient involves moonshine or some sort of alcohol Mountain Dew. The biggest change is Dewshine Mountain Dew will be made with real sugar instead of the artificial concoction they were using before now.

The Dewshine Mountain Dew also comes packaged differently compared to the usual soda can. According to WSMV, Dewshine will be sold in a four-pack of longneck glass bottles, which hearkens back to the days of glass soda or craft beer.

This past week at Bristol Motor Speedway, NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr. also unveiled his Number 88 DEWshine Chevrolet SS. Mountain Dew even included a performance from the band Old Crow Medicine Show. You can check out more photos of his NASCAR stock car in the below tweets.