New Resident Evil 6 details emerge

It hasn’t been long since Resident Evil 6 was first announced (and shown), but Capcom is already dropping a few details about the game’s setting, story, and gameplay mechanics.

You may have noticed in the trailer that the game takes place in China, and the latest word from Capcom not only confirms that, but gives us a more exact location: the fictional coastal town of Lanshiang.

The trailer also showed that, in addition to being able to play as Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy, players will take on the role of a new, unnamed protagonist. While Capcom’s latest detail drop doesn’t tell us what his name is, it does tell us a little more about him.

According to Capcom:

“We’re still trying to track down his real identity but we do know this man is a mercenary currently engaged in a bloody conflict in Eastern Europe where reports confirm that B.O.W.s are increasingly being used. One day, he’s told that he is the man to save the world. Whilst he doesn’t understand the implications of this, he does immediately think how much money he can make from it.”

Additionally, Capcom says that zombies in Resident Evil 6 are going to be quite a bit different than you may expect. They’ll run at you, jump at you, and they even have he capability to use weapons.

Another enemy you’ll encounter in the game, which was briefly seen in the trailer, is the J’avo. They’re just as hungry for your blood as their zombie brethren, but they’ll be much more effective at drawing it. The J’avo are able to understand speech, communicate and coordinate with one another, and use weapons themselves. They’re described as being hyper aggressive with the ability to regenerate.

Lastly, Capcom confirmed that Resident Evil 6 will use an updated control scheme which, more importantly than anything else, finally allows for the ability to shoot while moving.

Resident Evil 6 is due out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 20, with a PC release expected to follow shortly after.