Kwon ‘G-Dragon’ Yong Gives Sexy-Eyes ‘FaceTime’ To Paparazzi

Kwon Ji Yong, aka G-Dragon, appeases paparazzi with a showcase of poses. His swag becomes unmatched as he raises his sunglasses and gives photographers a fierce look to die for.

Shortly after Kwon’s time at the Chanel fashion show in Paris, France, he strolled out with an accompanying female on his arm. Shortly after breaking away from her, paparazzi gleamed for G-Dragon’s attention. Eagerly, they asked for him to pose for photos. From the looks of his first reaction, it didn’t seem like he wanted his pictures taken.

However, within seconds, Yong changed all of that.

Having struck a pose for the cameras, G-Dragon fixes his position again, turning around to give the other side a few shots. You could even hear one man yelling out, “Turn around! Turn around!” Everyone wanted “the shot.” Little did they know that Kwon was about to give them more.

G-Dragon raised his sunglasses to reveal his eyes to the crowd. Mostly everyone around cheered as he continued to woo the media.

G-Dragon Strikes Poses For Paparazzi At Chanel Fashion Show In Paris France II
Credits: YouTube

After busting a few more poses for the spectators, Yong turns, bows and exits to his car. Crowd members still attempted to grab a few more “selfies,” while G-Dragon got into the vehicle.

G-Dragon Strikes Poses For Paparazzi At Chanel Fashion Show In Paris France IV
Credits: YouTube
G-Dragon Strikes Poses For Paparazzi At Chanel Fashion Show In Paris France V
Credits: YouTube

In case you’re not familiar with Kwon “G-Dragon” Yong, he’s a part of a South Korean, K-Pop boy-band called Big Bang. As they have a sizable following, G-Dragon alone has over 4 million followers on Twitter. As for recent activity on Kwon’s profile, he does a lot of third-party posting via Instagram as well as retweeting. But barely anything originally from Twitter.

If you want to see G-Dragon in his next major performance, it’s happening soon. He has a concert set for April 1, at K-live Dongdaemun, Seoul, South Korea. The concert’s name is interestingly titled the “Hologram ‘Awake’ Concert.”

What are your thoughts on G-Dragon and his musical and fashion style? Do you think he gave the paparazzi enough attention? Have you seen any of his photos from that day floating around the internet?

Feel free to share your comments in the section below.

[Feature Image and Video via YouTube]

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