Whitney Bischoff Trusts Chris Soules With ‘DWTS’ Partner Witney Carson, Reveals She Froze Eggs Years Ago

On Thursday, the woman who stole The Bachelor star Chris Soules’ heart, Whitney Bischoff, made an appearance on Chicago’s Windy City Live. During her segment, Whitney spoke about her experience on the dating show. She also talked about trusting Chris with other women, namely his Dancing with the Stars pro partner, Witney Carson, and her plans to have children with him.

When asked if she thought it was meant to be with Chris from the very beginning, Whitney said that she came on the show specifically for Chris and would not have been on it for anyone else.

“You know, I knew he was the Bachelor when I was coming into it so, um, I only went because it was him. You know, if it was anyone else, you know, I would have chosen not to go.”

When one of the hosts asked whether it was tough to see Chris kissing all of the other women, even pointing out that Chris reportedly set the record on the number of women that were kissed on The Bachelor, Whitney took the question in stride.

“Well I didn’t watch the season. I lived it first-hand. For me it was just a decision I made and Chris supported me in it…I didn’t watch it back…so out of sight out of mind is kind of how I did it…I was definitely tested at times.”

Whitney Bischoff is also not worried about Chris Soules being tempted by his Dancing with the Stars pro dancing partner Witney Carson. The 20th season of the show started last week, with Chris and Witney doing a jive. Contrary to reports that Whitney doesn’t like Witney and is concerned of how close she’s getting to Chris, Whitney said that she really likes the dancer.

“Before Chris signed up for Dancing with the Stars, you know, he brought it to my attention and, you know, we had a serious conversation about that. And that’s something I knew going into it and we talked about it. And I trust him and I feel very confident in what we have and so…I look at that and no, it doesn’t bother me. I think Witney’s such a sweetheart. I’ve really gotten to know her and have enjoyed sending time with her and so it’s good.”

Whitney, a fertility nurse, also said that she’s still working at Chicago’s aParent IVF clinic. During her time on The Bachelor, Chris questioned whether she would be willing to give up her career for a life on the farm. Whitney told him that while her career is important to her, she also really wants to be married and have children. She also pointed out to him that she can be a nurse anywhere.

As reported by ABC News, Whitney told reporters last week that she was given the opportunity to still work with her employer but in a more flexible role.

“Not long after I got home, I was given the opportunity to kind of switch gears a little bit. I’m not really in the trenches at work anymore, so I’m able to work kind of more behind-the-scenes. And it’s affording me the flexibility to work from anywhere.”

Whitney’s “more behind-the-scenes” role likely involves doing press for the fertility clinic. During another Windy City Live segment, this time joined by the founder of aParent IVF, Whitney Bischoff said that she understands what some of the women go through with freezing their eggs because she herself underwent the procedure a few years ago. She said that she did it as an “insurance policy” when it comes to having a family. As for having a family with Chris Soules, she joked that they will first try to make a baby the old-fashioned way.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, The Bachelorette started filming late last week, with both Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson, both of whom unsuccessfully sought love with Chris Soules, vying for the Bachelorette position on night one. Viewers will definitely find out which woman the 25 men chose to be their Bachelorette when the 11th season premieres on Monday, May 18.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]