‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules: ‘Dancing With The Stars’ About Spray Tans And Rhinestones

Chris Soules is no stranger to gratuitous shirtless shots — during his time on The Bachelor, he showed off his chest more than once. So when Access Hollywood asked Soules and his Dancing with the Stars partner, Witney Carson, whether he might bare all — from the waist up — on the show, Carson was coy.

“We gotta save those tricks for later. We gotta do it at some point. We just gotta give America what they want.”

Soules went on to admit that some preparation is required — probably unlike anything he’s experienced on the farm in Arlington, Iowa.

“When she makes me take off my shirt, that’s when I’ll start doing the spray tan.”

In an interview after Soules’ Dancing With the Stars debut, his new fiancé, Whitney Bischoff, said she was sincerely impressed by Chris’ performance. The recipient of the final rose is attending the shows to cheer him on.

“I knew that he has some rhythm but I was thoroughly impressed on Monday night to see how well he executed that dance he’s been working so hard on and putting in so many hours.”

Soules and Carson got a score of 26 out of 40 for their premiere night dance.

Soules joked it might get “complicated,” now that he’s engaged to a Whitney and dancing with a Witney — both blonde women. Bischoff also revealed she’s taken a leave from her job as a fertility clinic nurse in Chicago since her time on The Bachelor. She does, however, plan to continue her career.

“I didn’t go on this show for fame. I think six months ago, I was just walking around the streets of Chicago. No one knew who I was, I was just a normal girl.”

If Soules continues on Dancing with the Stars, fans might have to get used to those show-stopping outfits. Even Chris was taken by surprise on night one when costumers took his clothing away for a quick adjustment.

“I went in to rehearsal without rhinestones on anything. I’m like, ‘This is good. No rhinestones. I look like a normal dude.’ And then, right before… doing the show, they took my belt buckle and they took my shirt. I’m like, ‘What do you guys need that stuff for?’ I thought maybe they were just gonna kind of iron it out, make it look pretty. And it came back pretty all right. It came back covered in rhinestones. My belt was covered in rhinestones.”

But Soules admitted that if the rhinestones work, he’s all for it.

“If we win this thing, I will bling out the farm.”

Dancing with the Stars airs Monday on ABC.

[Chris Soules image courtesy of Getty]