Amy Duggar Kiss: 3 Months Of Dating Isn't Enough For Smooches In '19 Kids And Counting' Courtship Rules [Video]

For Amy Duggar, a kiss after dating her boyfriend Dillon King for three months isn't a big deal. But the would-be country star and niece of the famous 19 Kids And Counting patriarch Jim Bob Duggar recognizes that the courtship rules for her relatives forbid smooching so early, reported Fashion & Style.

Just how did Uncle Jim Bob find out about her attempt to finesse the rules? Amy decided to post sexy selfies showing Dillion kissing her.

Although Amy's mother, Deanna, was raised with Jim Bob and is also religious, Amy is allowed to choose her relationships and enjoy an occasional kiss, she revealed.

On her Instagram page, she expressed gratitude for her boyfriend, noting that it's now been four months.
"Thankful for this guy right here [who] speaks truth into my life....he calls me out when I need to straighten up, he protects me and shows me tough love sometimes, and then there are those moments when we are talking and I think to myself 'what did I do to deserve you' We've been dating 4 months today which isn't a long time but we've known each other for years! So many good times... You make me so happy."
In contrast to Amy's revelation, the 19 Kids And Counting clan follows strict courtship guidelines. In addition to being forbidden to kiss until they are wed, the young people cannot hold hands unless they are engaged.
Even hugging rules are observed, with side hugs allowed at the most until the boyfriend and girlfriend become a married couple.

Amy talked with Radar Online about her arguments with her uncle over her decision to go against his rules. She had also posted a photo that revealed her kissing Dillon on New Year's Eve.

"He said, 'I saw ya'll kissing!' and gave me a look," admitted the 28-year-old.

But Amy came up with her own clever retort and defense.

"I said, 'Yeah but there's plenty more that I can save up for the wedding night!' Kissing is an adorable thing to do with someone you care about."
Amy isn't alone in rebelling against the Duggar family rules. As the Inquisitr reported, Jana Duggar recently shocked her 19 Kids And Counting fans and family by quitting her role as an unpaid nanny.

As one of the oldest daughters, Jana reportedly felt that she was constantly expected to be an unpaid housekeeper for the entire family as well as babysitter and caretaker.

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[Image Via Amy Duggar/Instagram]