Tattooed Barbie Stirs Up Controversy

A new tattooed Barbie–known officially as Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie–has some parents crying foul play. The updated doll, revealed as part of Barbie’s 50th birthday celebration this month, comes with dozens of small tattoo stickers. Kids can place them anywhere on Barbie’s body (or their own bodies), using a play tattoo gun that also comes with the kit.

The Tattooed Barbie Debate

Barbie-maker Mattel has said the tattooed Barbie provides a way for kids to “be creative” with the doll. Some parents, naturally, see it differently, suggesting that a “Totally Pierced Barbie” or a “Divorce Barbie” could come next.

Barbie has been inked before: Back in 1999, Mattel released a Butterfly Art Barbie that came with a permanent tattoo on Barbie’s stomach.

Hey, at least it’s not pregnant Barbie (which was actually her friend Midge, not Barbie herself). The doll with the removable baby belly caused a far greater outcry from concerned parents and was eventually discontinued.

As for the tattooed Barbie, Mattel says it’s selling better than expected and there are no plans to pull it from the product lineup.

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