‘Scarface’ Remake Gets Approval From Al Pacino

The Scarface remake is moving forward, whether fans of the 1983 Al Pacino version like it or not. Of course, it has taken a long time for the remake to get underway. The Inquisitr first ran reports about the new Scarface film back in 2012. At that time, it was reported that the film wouldn’t be “a remake or sequel.”

“It will take the common elements of the first two films: An outsider, an immigrant, barges his way into the criminal establishment in pursuit of a twisted version of the American dream, becoming a kingpin through a campaign of ruthlessness and violent ambition.”

The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news that the new Scarface is finally getting into production mode soon, and it will be written by Jonathan Herman (Straight Outta Compton). The setting for the Scarface remake will be Los Angeles instead of Miami or Chicago, which were the respective settings for the 1983 and 1932 films. There are still plans to have this film tell its own story and not be an exact replica of either of the previous films.

But since the 1983 version of Scarface is loved by so many, one has to wonder what the film’s main star thinks about the remake. People on Twitter have already voiced their disapproval of a new Scarface.

But Al Pacino has a different take on it. After it was announced that the project was moving forward, the Hollywood Reporter ran a separate piece in which they asked Pacino about his thoughts on the remake. Pacino said he has no problem with a new Scarface being made.

“Oh, it’s fine; [It’s] interesting.”

Pacino later explained how remakes are just one of the things that keep Hollywood going, and he even has plans to remake an older film. But he wouldn’t say which one.

“It’s part of what we do. We remake things. I may remake a movie I saw recently. I can’t say what it is. It’s about 50 years old.”

The Scarface remake is being helmed by Pablo Larrian, who also directed the Oscar-nominated foreign film, No. Marty Bergman, who served as producer for the 1983 film, is also producing the remake along with Marc Shmuger, Scott Stuber, and Dylan Clark. Universal Pictures will serve as the film’s distributor.

[Image credit: Universal Pictures via Kadraj Sinema]