‘Scarface’ Remake Will Focus On Mexican Drug Cartels

The upcoming Scarface remake at Universal will tackle the dangerous world of Mexican drug cartels, according to Cinema Blend.

Not too many people have had positive things to say about the proposed remake that’s starting to take shape at the studio. Since many people seem to absolutely adore director Brian De Palma’s 1983 crime opus, these plans haven’t settled too well with fans.

The folks at Latino Review did a bit of sleuthing and discovered Tony Montana is now a Mexican entrenched in the country’s numerous drug cartels. This adds weight to the rumors that the new Scarface will be more of a reboot than a remake.

Here’s what Deadline had to say about the feature in October:

“The film is not intended to be a remake or a sequel. It will take the common elements of the first two films: An outsider, an immigrant, barges his way into the criminal establishment in pursuit of a twisted version of the American dream, becoming a kingpin through a campaign of ruthlessness and violent ambition. The studio is keeping the specifics of where the new Tony character comes from under wraps at the moment, but ethnicity and geography were important in the first two versions.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Scarface has undergone a cultural change in the world of cinema. According to Fox News, the original 1932 adaptation of Armitage Trail’s novel portrayed the main character as an Italian working his way through the mean streets of Chicago.

When Brian De Palma decided to tackle the tale in the 80s, he transformed Scarface from an Italian into a Cuban immigrant looking to make a name for himself in Florida’s lucrative drug trade. Swapping one culture for another is in keeping with the character’s progression over the years.

What do you think about the upcoming Scarface remake? Do you think centering the film around Mexican drug cartels is a good idea?