Is Robert Durst, The 'Jinx,' A Serial Killer Who First Practiced By Killing His Seven Dogs?

Debbie Ann

Many serial killers, such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy, started out by torturing and killing small animals, including cats and dogs. Now there is evidence that millionaire real estate tycoon Robert Durst also began his presumptive murderous spree by killing his seven Alaskan malamutes, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

Durst was arrested and charged this past week with the death of his friend, Susan Berman, in 2000. In the last episode of the recently-aired HBO series entitled, The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, he can be heard confessing to Berman's death as well as to the death of his wife, Kathie Durst, who disappeared in 1982. He can be heard saying, "I killed them all, of course," according to The Hollywood Gossip.

Durst had seven Alaskan malamutes, all named "Igor," and all of which met unusual, unnatural deaths, according to I Still Love Dogs. Both Susan Criss, who was the judge for Durst's murder trial in 2003, and his own brother, Douglas Durst, believe that Robert Durst practiced grisly dismemberment techniques on his dogs.

Apparently, according to judge Criss and brother Douglas Durst, "Igor" was a code word for murder to Robert Durst. As reported in I Still Love Dogs, Douglas Durst said the following about Robert's seven malamutes.

"They all died, mysteriously, of different things, within six months of his owning them. We don't know how they died, and what happened to their bodies. In retrospect, I now believe he was practicing killing and disposing his wife with those dogs."
"They all came to some unnatural deaths. Some very bizarre, unnatural deaths. He practiced on those dogs, and that's where he got some of those skills at cutting people up."

According to a recent Inquisitr article, a search warrant executed on a New Orleans hotel room where Robert Durst was arrested turned up a latex mask and fake identification, demonstrating that Robert may have tried to disguise his identity to flee the United States.

[Image from James Nielsen/Getty Images]