Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About That Bass’, But Is The Bass Decreasing In Size?

When Meghan Trainor hit the music charts late last summer with “All About That Bass,” the ample-curved young woman had a resounding message for females everywhere: you don’t need to be rail-thin to get a man. In fact, you may do better with men if you have some curves, she intoned.

“Yeah, my momma she told me don’t worry about your size. She says, boys like a little more booty to hold at night.”

People everywhere were rather quick to point out that message was not actually about feminism, it was the epitome of anti-feminist views: women had to be a certain way, whatever that way was, in order to be accepted, celebrated, and desired in society by men. Meghan denied that she meant to “skinny shame” anyone, and has gone as far as to say she herself finds svelte entertainer Ariana Grade’s thigh-gap (often found only in very thin females) to be attractive.

While Meghan’s size, weight, and even bra size have been publicly noted — 175 pounds, size 12, size 36 C cup bra and a 29-inch-waist, for those who care to know the specifics — and it’s been pointed out that she is actually the size of the average American female – which isn’t to say she isn’t overweight. In fact, the average American female is, indeed, overweight. What it does say, however, is that Meghan Trainor is average, not a real anomaly in our society. However, sources have noted that Meghan has been looking a bit leaner.

Meghan herself admitted in November, 2014, that many people said she looked thinner, and that she was not dieting, and was eating pizza and Chinese food, but that perhaps she had lost weight from performing, standing on her feet, and all the traveling that comes with stardom. And that’s indeed possible. But when you consider she wasn’t terribly overweight to begin with, one of her character traits could be in jeopardy if she was to lose even twenty pounds. And while no guesses have been placed on how much weight she may have lost, it’s hard to look at pictures and deny that she doesn’t look a bit thinner, or more toned, or that something has changed with her body. Pictures from her at the beginning of her career do seem to suggest a difference in body weight and tone. The picture below shows her in her earlier career.


Here, in the photo below, we see a picture of Meghan, who definitely appears slimmer.


Readers, what do you think — is this photographic angle, clothing choice, or is Meghan Trainor really losing some of that bass? More importantly, does it matter? Do you feel that since she built her hit song on her ample figure, it is odd to lose it so quickly?

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