Father Shoots Son In The Butt For Drinking The Last Of The Orange Juice

It all started over the last of the orange juice. Eldridge Dukes, 58, of Baton Rouge, La. apparently had his heart set on a glass of the Vitamin C-rich beverage. Unfortunately, Dukes ran into a common conundrum that occurs when a parent lives with hungry teens: Someone drank the last of the orange juice. Eldridge soon learned that the “someone” in question was his 18-year-old son.

According to the Times-Picayune, Witnesses say Dukes engaged the teen about the missing juice in the family’s living room sometime around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday. The argument quickly escalated, leading the son to break a porcelain vase. It was at this point that Eldridge Dukes allegedly armed himself with a handgun and began to chase the young man through the home and outside. Officials say that Duke pursued the man on foot when they exited their home.

Baton Rouge police said that Dukes fired several shots at the teen, and ultimately succeeded at hitting him. In the rear. The teen fell to the ground; when police arrived on the scene, they found him laying in the driveway. The victim was shortly afterward taken to Baton Rouge General Mid City Hospital for treatment. His injuries were reported as “non-life-threatening.”

The Advocate reports that it was the mother of the victim who called police. When law enforcement officials questioned Eldridge about the shooting, he confessed. Dukes was then arrested and charged with multiple counts of attempted murder and illegal use of a dangerous weapon.

He was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish. The Associated Press contacted jail officials about a statement from Eldridge Duke’s defense attorney. However, they were unable to provide the name.

The Eldridge Dukes case is an unfortunate example of how something seemingly innocuous can lead to bloody consequences.

The Inquisitr previously reported about a man who felt “annoyed” by his co-worker. While the emotion is common, his solution to the problem wasn’t. After tricking the woman into accepting a date, he stabbed her 22 times. She survived the incident, but she suffered cuts to the face and neck as well as two punctured lungs. These two cases are chilling reminders that some people can take simple interactions and problems to potentially fatal extremes.

Don’t follow the example set by Eldridge Dukes. If you find that the last of the orange juice is gone, just by some more in the morning.

[Image Credit: Baton Rouge Police Department/The Advocate]