Kris Jenner To ‘The View’ Rescue? Find Out Who Else Might Fill Rosie O’Donnell’s Empty Chair [Report]

Is Kris Jenner joining The View? Sources say that she’s pleading with producers to allow her to fill the chair that Rosie O’Donnell vacated, according to Hollywood Life.

Although Jenner has turned Keeping Up With The Kardashians into a multi-million dollar show for the E! Network, ABC thus far hasn’t heeded her pleas to let her warm a seat at the table with Whoopi Goldberg. However, that isn’t stopping Kris from calling – and calling – and calling – The View execs despite the flat failure of her own talk show attempt, said an insider.

“Kris is acting as her own agent,” revealed the source. “So she’s been calling the producers to try to sell them on what an enormous audience she already has and how she will single-handedly save the show!”

As a hint for the type of person sought by The View, here’s ABC’s statement when Rosie left.

“Rosie is an immensely talented star who comes in each and every morning brimming with ideas, excitement and passion for the show. When she told us she wanted to exit ‘The View,’ we respected and understood her desire to put her well-being and her family first. We’re delighted she’s still part of the ABC family with upcoming guest appearances on ‘The Fosters,’ and we know she’ll return to ‘The View’ often with her unique point of view and updates on her work and her family.”

Does that sound like Kris Jenner? Or is it more like a description of Glee star Naya Rivera, whose repeated guest host visits to The View have impressed producers, according to Deadline.

Although Naya’s busy with a repeat role on Devious Maids, she also turned her guest opportunities on The View into viral sensations. As a result, producers are said to be eager to have her return, and potentially even permanently fill that noticeably vacant chair.

However, as the Inquisitr reported, others are in line for the round table at The View.

In addition to Naya, potential replacements are Stacy London, Sam Ponder, Padma Lakshmi, and even Williams – and no, it’s not Brian Williams, the embattled news anchor, or his daughter, Allison Williams. That’s Michelle Williams who might win the job, and in contrast to Allison Williams, she’s not related to Brian but is an entertainment figure.

Who do you think could best replace Rosie? Are you Team Kris Jenner, or Team Naya Rivera? Post your comments below.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]